The right outcome, every time

Our Mission

Apollo International Agricultural Consultants wants to see potential agricultural inputs assessed and the correct decisions made during the commercialisation process. We can assist your business in charting the way from concept to commercial product. With a path to market Apollo International Agricultural Consultants can help you formulate and accurately evaluate your inputs and guide you through the regulatory process to achieve commercial success.


Services we offer

  • assessments of target markets for your concepts
  • assist in the development of stable and effective formulations, be they biological, biorational or synthetic 
  • guidance and assistance on the regulatory pathway for your product
  • assessment of plant traits and the physiological response of plants to your products in various formulations under both controlled and field conditions

We have the ability to test your product under field conditions in Europe, North and South America and Australia.


With over 20 years public and private research and development experience Apollo will find a way to accurately and appropriately test your products.


At Apollo International Agricultural Consultants we're not interested in giving you the answers you want to hear, we're commited to giving the answers that you need to hear.



Apollo International Agricultural Consultants