About Us


Apollo International Agricultural Consultants is based in Melbourne, Australia. We are classically trained Crop Physiologists who have over 20 year experience working in both public and private sector research, from high latitudes to the tropics. We have conducted glasshouse and field trials with all major crops and have an excellent network of colleagues throughout Europe, North and South America as well as Australia. With access to state of the art formulation labs and glasshouse facilities and spray chambers we are able to develop novel formulations for your concept material and assess them in a manner in which you get the right answer and ultimately the right product.



Brian Duggan, PhD, founder And principal consultant


Hello, I'm Brian Duggan and I established Apollo International Agricultural Consultants in 2019 when I saw the need for independent consulting service assisting in the early stages of pesticide and growth promotant development. I have worked for several large AgBiotech companies (Monsanto, Dow AgroSciences, Nufarm) in North America and Australia. While these companies typically have enough chemistry in their pipeline to have dedicated teams working on product development between molecule discovery and the field, I recognised that smaller start up companies and other research institutions did not.  And that is why I started Apollo. We can develop concept assessments for you if you think you have a good scientific concept but aren't sure whether you have a sound commercial basis to launch, if you don't have the facilities to test your concept, or if you want help negotiating the regulatory pathway towards commercialisation. Contact us, we can set up a confidentiality agreement, discuss your needs are and develop a quote for you. We're here to help.

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